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// Useful utilities for the hacky weeb


  • Bromite Fork of Chromium for Android with ad-blocking by default, Google tracking removed and support for playing Youtube videos in the background.

  • Newpipe FOSS Youtube app, lets you subscribe to channels and download videos/audio without registering to the botnet. Also has a background player and support for playlists.

  • Tachiyomi The best manga reader for Android. Has support for a lot of sites through extensions. You can download, bookmark and a lot of features.

  • Terminal

  • Alacritty Blazing fast terminal emulator for Win/Linux/OSX with GPU acceleration. Highly recommended.

  • Browser

  • uBlock Origin Best adblocker around. Period.

  • Music

  • scdl Utility for downloading tracks from Soundcloud and setting ID3 tags to them. Really powerful tool if you are a music hoarder like me.

  • Deezloader Remix App written in node that lets you download anything from Deezer servers. Use it only for backups :)

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