~~~hi there, i'm leach~~~~

I'm not entirely sure what exactly i'll make this webpage about yet, i've just been enjoying myself
while building it. I plan to add more cool websites to the link section, and perhaps make it more stylish

what i'm up to

Oppenheimer review 7/21

Recently saw oppenheimer, since it is such a great experience, I don't want
to spoil anything with a review, so I will wait a month or so to post one

blog up and running 7/23

Got this blog set up

A Dark Room

I added the game a dark room to tilde.club

October 27th

I've been quite busy with my job and school lately, If I'm not doing one I'm definitely doing the other.
I haven't been able to log onto tilde as much because of the above. Calc is truly my life right now.
I did get the change to play the new Cyberpunk expansion phantom liberty and that was great. Highly reccomend


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