27 january 2023

Went back in time today!

30 december 2022

Just started learning OpenGL.

14 december 2022

Dear ImGui One Love <3

CMake is fun when it's not painful, by the way.

13 december 2022

someone made a C++ wrapper around libzip and called it libzippp. if i'd extend this library, it'd be libzipppp as libzip++ + (extended). now let's wait for libzipppp 5G extended super ultra hax enabled item dupe 2.0

12 december 2022

CMake is painful! >_< Does Nuklear even have a text box widget? And raylib is indeed hacky, don't use for large games. Hacky gamejam projects and all are fine.

Tildes are so cozy - Just like most virtual consoles |•-•| |b d|

08 december 2022

Minecraft Classic server project may be resumed later. For now, working on a simple "game engine" (Text editor with an embedded language that has bindings to library functions and runnable in-editor game) in raylib. The library is fun to use but it is very hacky and may be another "ursina engine" (Ursina isn't great and is very broken and not usable). Hopefully once it's a working protoype it will be easy to switch backends.

23 november 2022

Back from the dead. Thinking of making a MC Classic server software because MCGalaxy isn't what I want. /etc skel still does not have the proper weechat configuration :'(

11 october 2022

It's amazing how powerful is Unity! You can literally build a game prototype in what, 30 minutes?

I'm thinking of hosting a MC:PE wiki on tildegit. I've already got the domain, now it's time for the actual wiki! Jekyll is very bloat-y for such a small project that LITERALLY NEEDS MARKDOWN PAGES AND NOTHING ELSE FOR IT! The extras will be just bloat bloat bloat bloat bloatx2 "bloat" * 2147483647 ... Oh yeah I could've just unsigned it... Anyway, what I will make for it is a custom tool, that will work with GoLang templates. Nothing fancy, just UNBLOATED static content generation with Markdown support. Nothing v e r y fancy.

09 october 2022

I hate GoLang, why am I even coming back to it? It's literally so horrible! There is no normal OOP system and no normal error checking! You have to use something like:

result, err := something.ExecuteSomething(parameters)
if terr != nil {
    // error handling

That's not great. How are there people still using this language? Is it meant to be so bad just so the developers at Google can learn it in one day and never bother again?

Another thing I really hate is DuckDuckGo. They claim that they "Don't track or sell your data" but their code isn't open source. How can they be trusted? Also their mobile app does not bother to block Microsoft trackers which kind of makes them look like they've been sponsored by M$. Not great either. As someone has said, "Use Google and not Google We Don't Track Or Sell Your Data 100% No Scam Edition". But what I did learn, is that they had a lite and an HTML version. These might be useful for Lynx and other text-based browsers.

08 october 2022

This tool is pretty cool! If you're an outsider, and don't know what am I talking about, it's the tilde.club internal blogging tool, ttpb or something like that. It's literally Twitter but better and not toxic! Also internal with an option to publish things. So yeah, you can publish things, see other people's blogs, subscribe to them, etc. In fact I'm currently writing this article with it!

However, what I have noticed about it, is that it is pretty slow when it comes to loading database contents. Python literally hates being fast when it comes to databases, and that's what the took claims to be written in. I might take a look at the source code and rewrite it in Golang or something one day, who knows. This blog is probably going to be me sharing cool stuff and complaining about how I'm too dumb to realize that save formats are easy to edit, lol.

Or this might get abandoned forever, with this being the only post! Who knows? Some people here create amazing things, examples are bbj, the internal forum, this tool, ttbp, ttrv, the reddit viewer made with elinks (It's not exactly terrible but I don't really like it), bashblog, another blog tool and a ton more! There is so much to do on this pubnix, and I'm excited to be here! I might host a Minecraft Pi server for it at some point! Another idea I have is to make another social media for it, preferrably in something fast like Golang or Java. tilde.club is great!

As for what will happen with my other website, I'll probably make it redirect here or something. It's not active anyway. Some assets will stay on it because yeah, old links will break, otherwise, everything's gonna be here.

A disadvantage of this blogging tool is that it doesn't provide any options for custom themes. Like I really want my blog to look like ~elly's blog on tilde.town. It looks so cool (And actually got me into tilde/pubnixes). The custom theme parts could be done with Twig templates. I worked with them in a pull on an Appwrite repository, and honestly, I really like them. It's kind of sad to see only a few people use these tools (bbj is barely active, most blogs with ttbp are 10 months old and got no new posts) because, really, they are AWESOME!!!! Like seriously, there's an internal command-line forum, an IRC, and a ton more! Other tildes have more of these cool thingies that really make them awesome! I'm really looking forward to contributing to these amazing projects.

One other thing I find cool about pubnixes is that you can quickly exit your multiplexer without worrying about saving all changes and pushing to your repository. You can literally have IRC open and accessible from any device that has an internet connection and SSH support! That's extremely impressive for an unmodified potato Unix computer!