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2020-01-10 - 23:35 by ~steph

After working weeks and weeks on my school project, it is finally finished now. So I can start working on some personal projects again! :tada:

So I did create this some time ago but didn’t write a blog post about it yet. So here it is: Tildeverse Analytics

If you want to add some analytics to your ~’s public_html, but aren’t a fan of Google(TM)(C)(R) Analytics, you can use this simple pixel to start counting pageviews:

<img src="https://tilde.team/~steph/cgi-bin/pixel.sh" />

This is a simple sh script that counts hashed referrer headers. It currently stores a hashed version of the request IP address, but that is just to count the number of unique sessions. This will be changed to some other method that will not allow for matching users between sessions.

If you want to see the collected data, you can go to my ~ on tilde.team.

Data is public, so use carefully. Just enter a url on the page and see the stats.

Things that are coming:

So, enjoy!


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