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2020-01-19 - 00:16 by ~steph

So I already got my first fail for my new years resolution, but I guess that should not stop me from trying to keep it intact.

So for this week: I made my own password manager! I couldn’t find a nice self hosted open source password manager, apart from the one in NextCloud. But to run NextCloud for just the password manager, it didn’t feel right.

So, again I asked Guus for help and he was able to create a nice design:

Screenshot of the design

And this is what I ended up with:

Screenshot of the end result

I also made a simple autocomplete extention for chome, just like the NextCloud Passwords plugin:

Screenshot of the extention

The code isn’t pretty (yet), so I’ll have to clean that up before I’ll release it. Server side app is in PHP (yes, I know) because I can write it fairly fast. The chrome app is just a modified version of one of the example plugins.

As for encryption: When you login you authenticate with the sha-512 hash of your password. The server doesn’t know your password. From your password an AES-encryption key is generated that is used to encrypt/ decrypt all of your passwords, so the server doesn’t know your passwords.

It is far from final but it’s a start.


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