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2020-01-03 - 00:15 by ~steph

There is this weekly thing going on in the ~ mailinglist, and it’s pretty awesome. Once a week ~bradley sends out a message and invites everyone to go and do some challenge each week.

This way I found the following message in my ~ mail this week:

Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2019 20:21:43 -0500 (EST)
From: Bradley Gannon <>
Subject: Weekly Webpage Workshop #5
User-Agent: Alpine 2.21 (LFD 202 2017-01-01

Dear ~club:

I saw that many of you made (or are even currently making) it snow on your
pages. Well done. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it happen,
being that I approach CSS in much the same way a ferret approaches a game of
shuffleboard---that is, incoherently and more or less according to
chance---but at the last moment I managed to find a post online that was
simple enough for me to understand. The results are about as bad as expected
(complete illegibility), but alas, it's only exactly what I asked for. I doubt
it will last through the week on my page.

Well, ~club, here we are. The year of middle-distance predictions is upon us.
How many of us will turn out to have been wrong about what we thought we'd be
doing with ourselves in 2020? I remember reading an article in a magazine
about 15 years ago that claimed we'd all be rid of cables by now because
long-distance wireless charging would be ubiquitous. This and similar drivel
will fall to the slowly-advancing bulldozer blade of time this year. A shame,
really, since the only thing 2020 did wrong was be a round number for
futurists to pluck out of the timeline

But! It's not all bad. New years mean new opportunities for learning, growing,
and all that stuff you learned on PBS. This week, I propose that we look
forward into the new year by pulling something out from the past and taking it
with us.

I'm not familiar with gopher, but some light reading has revealed that it's
a way of organizing information on the Internet that sort of got its lunch
eaten by the Web. Many of you have more grey in your beards than me (visible
or not) and know first-hand what gopher is like. In any case, ~club, your task
this week is to do something with your gopher space here on
A "hello world" will suffice, but I encourage you to do what you can to make
it interesting. When you do, be sure to post it here so we can all check it

Since I don't personally know much about gopher, I haven't even checked to see
if anyone is using it on this server. I haven't seen anyone mention it, but
that doesn't necessarily mean anything. If you've already got something going
over there, great! I'll see you there. If not, then I encourage you to take
this small step with me.

To the gopherhole!


While I was already working on my own gopher site, I had also already broken it again so I took it upon myself to do the following:

  1. Get my gopher site fixed.
  2. Make sure it mirrors my http ~
  3. Get a cool logo

So since I wasn’t able to get spaces to work properly in a linking line, I just gone and s/\ /\./g’ed on the logo. It doesn’t look as good as with the spaces, but this works.

Go check the gophersite out: gopher://

Screenshot of the gopher mirror


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