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DIY Desktop Environment

29 april 2023

I have a pretty severe case of DE-Hopper-itis, and I blame my younger self discovering i3 for that. Ever since then, I again and again get fed up with having to configure everything myself in WMs like i3 (or even dwm a few years back), I switch to a DE like xfce or gnome so things “just work”, I miss the workflow of a tiling window manager, repeat. I’ve tried to fix that by stuffing all of my configs into a dotfiles repo, but that wasn’t enough.


Hugo, Blogging, Gemini and Gopher

18 april 2023

Up until recently (yesterday, at time of writing), I was manging my sites on by hand. I put a good bit of time to make my public_html look nice, but entirely neglected my public_gemini and public_gopher. I was also using ttbq for my blogging. While it is a nice blogging engine (calling itself feels rather than blog posts), it’s not being actively developed anymore, and it doesn’t exactly have nice gopher/gemini support.


Downloading Albums, from Youtube

30 march 2023

So, for the geekier people out there, there’s a really neat tool to download youtube videos and do a whole bunch of fancy formatting from the command line: youtube-dl. This, however, tends to break every now and then and is slow to update. In comes yt-dlp, a fork that gets more frequent updates, does some fancy User-Agent stuff to not get throttled, and probably has some other features over it’s predecesor.


Weechat, but with a sane config

25 march 2023

I really like weechat. Out of all the common terminal IRC clients, it’s the most intuitive and easy to use if you’ve set it up right. I’d argue it even holds its own against common GUI clients, like Hexchat. However, when only considering default configuration, weechat feels clunky at best, especially when you join multiple servers. The buflist turns into a disorganized mess, the, by default, server buffers are a pain to scroll through, and even though it has such a modern-looking UI, mouse support is disabled by default.


Hello, world

24 march 2023

Hello. This is my first entry in the feels engine. I’m mostly writing this just to see what the feels engine’s generated html looks like, so I adjust my style.css properly. Unfortunately, this means that there isn’t much content here, feel free to move along. <3 <3 <3