Plestinians and Israelis

October 14, 2023 — ~tonm

I’m old and have been watching this for a long time so let me clue in anyone new how this works and if they are trying to figure out who is the baddie.

So at one point in the cycle Israel will be the baddie slowly pushing Palestinians off their land and filling their wells with cement and generally just being bullies to them every day and world sentiment will slowly swing towards sympathy for for them but just when it seems there might be enough of that to put some meaningful pressure on Tel Aviv Hamas will blow up a school bus/music festival or Hezbollah will rain rockets down on civilians and the public opinion sympathy pendulum will swing solidly back towards sympathy for Israel.

We are currently here in a big way because of the massive terror attack.

BUT THEN Israel will piss all that away bombing the shit out the captive population of Gaza and demanding that a million people move in a day while cutting off power and water and food. After a month or two of this mass collective punishment and when the pile of bodies is high enough the sympathy pendulum will swing back towards Palestine and at that exact moment Hamas will be all “I am very mentally stable, OH LOOK A CIVILIAN AIRLINER!!” and the cycle will begin again.

Resign yourself to this, it’s been this way for a looong time.